Sell memberships

You can sell memberships on Occasion by manually creating a unique membership code through the Coupon feature.

  1. Create a Listing for the purchase of memberships. When a membership is purchased online an email confirmation is sent to the business.
  2. Create a Coupon to serve as the membership online redemption mechanism. 
  3. The Coupon name can be the person who bought the membership, the value, and the valid date. (i.g. John Smith, 15% off, Dec 2015) 
  4. The Coupon code is what the customer will enter to redeem the value of the membership. Choose something unique but easy to remember (i.e. JSMITHDEC15)
  5. Set the valid date for the membership/coupon.
  6. Activate the membership for all relevant Listings.
  7. Email the Coupon code to the membership purchaser.

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