Template: Weekly Camps Offered

In this article, you will learn how to set-up various camp events. In this article, we will only cover how to create schedules for your camps.

Camps are nothing but "series classes". A series class is one where a customer books a bunch of dates/times as one big block rather than individual blocks.

The types of camps, we will cover in the article below are:

  1. Weekly Camps
  2. Spring or Fall Camps
  3. Holiday Camps
  4. Morning/ Afternoon/ Full Day Camps

Example 1A daily Camp starting June 1 through June 5, 9am to 4pm

  1. From your Occasion account, go to "Templates".
  2. Select "Series Classes"
  3. Under the "Dates and Times" tab - the number of sessions is 5, frequency is daily and starting date will be June 1 with starting time at 9am and ending time at 4pm. Click "Generate Dates".