Delete a Room / Venue

You can easily delete a room or a venue that you no longer need from your Occasion account. Keep in mind that you can only delete venues that do not have any listings. 

Step 1: Before deleting a venue, make sure there are no listings in that venue

  1. From your Occasion account, go to the "Listings" page.
  2. Jump to the venue and verify there are no "Active" listings under that venue. If there are active listings, you will need to move them to another venue first.
  3. Next, let's verify there are no "inactive" listings under that venue as well.
  4. Back on the "Listings" page again and next to the search bar, click the "Show Inactive Listings" button. If you find listings under the venue - follow step 2 above to move them to another venue.

Bulk moving of listings: If you have a large number of listings (active or inactive) - email us at with information on which venue you want to remove and which new venue will have the listings.

Step 2: Delete the venue

  1. If there are no Listings for that venue, you will see a "Delete" button next to the venue name.
  2. Click that and you can delete the location.

Please note: Deleting a venue is permanent and unrecoverable.

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