Delete a Room / Venue

You can easily delete a room or a venue that you no longer need from your Occasion account. Keep in mind that you can only delete venues that do not have any listings. 

Before deleting a venue, make sure there are no listings in that venue

  1. Go to Listings
  2. Click the "Show Inactive Listings" button to view all listings.
  3. If there are Listings under the venue you are about to delete, then you will need to move the listings to another venue first. Go to "Edit Listing" for each of them and select a different venue from the venue drop down located just under the listing title.

Delete the venue

  1. If there are no Listings for that venue, you will see a "Delete" button next to the venue name.
  2. Click that and you can delete the location.

Please note: Deleting a venue is permanent and unrecoverable.