Sell Class Packs or Passes

Encouraging customers to buy passes to multiple classes or class packs is great way to generate more sales today and allow customers to redeem them in the future. Occasion makes this easy for your customers.

Occasion makes the process of selling class packs and redeeming them online easier.

Example: Let's say we want to encourage customers to buy 5 classes. A spot in each class is $20 but if the customer buys 5, instead of charging them $100, we want to give them $10 discount.

Here's how you can sell class packs online. This can be done by combining gift cards and coupon codes.

Steps to start selling class packs:

  1. Create a new "Gift Card" listing and rename it to "5 Class Pass". Edit the listing so the only option available for customers to buy is $100.
  2. Next, let's create a coupon code for $10 off and make it applicable only to the "5 Class Pass" service we just created above.
  3. Occasion will generate a unique link that will already have the coupon code applied which can be used by customers to make the purchase.
  4. When a customer makes the purchase, they will receive a unique code that they can use to redeem the 5 class pack.
  5. Redemption of the code is tracked for the business automatically in your account.

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