Advanced Filtering Options for Your Public Calendars

Occasion gives you several different ways you can create custom calendars (views) and choose to only show a subset of your listings on each public calendar - you can group your events by 

  1. Venue
  2. A common keyword in the event Title, or 
  3. A common keyword in the event Description
  4. Only Public events

To create a new custom view or to apply filtering options to an existing view go to Settings > Public views. Then click on Edit View (if you are adjusting an existing view) or Create New View (if you are creating a new one) and navigate to the "Filter Options" tab. There you will see all the options available for you to filter by:

  1. Keyword in the listing Title: To show only listings with a specific keyword in the listing title, type the keyword here.
  2. Keyword in the listing Description: To show only listings with a specific keyword in the listing description, type the keyword here. You can use keywords like #artclass that you can add at the bottom of each listing description that is an art class
  3. Venue: To show only listing in a specific venue select it from the list. You can only filter by All venues or one venue at a time.
  4. Private events: Select the "Hide private events" checkbox to hide events you've indicated as private from this view. Listings can be marked as private by selecting the Public/Private switch from the listing editor.

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