Giving Payment Options to Customers

One of the big benefits of online booking is to collect pre-payments for services in your business to reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Occasionally (yes, pun intended), you may want to process a customer's booking without a payment. 

There are two ways you can do that:

1. Process an in-store payment using "QuickOrder"

QuickOrder (available under "Manage") is a way for you to process a booking for a customer who may be on the phone or in the store. While processing a QuickOrder, you have the option of processing an in-store payment or collecting the customer's credit card.

2. Giving customer's an option to choose how they want to pay when booking online

On an as-needed basis, you can create an option for customers to pay in-store while they book online. Please note that when a customer selects this option, the booking will appear as "free" on the "Orders" page. Here's how you can set that up on your events:

  1. Click "Edit Listing" on event you wish to offer "in-store payment" as an option.
  2. On the right, scroll down and click "Add Text". In the pop-up window, type - "Optional: Pay In-store" and check the box to make the text appear as a section title. Click "Save".
  3. Again on the right, scroll down and click "Add Question". Select - Checkbox > Discount > Dividing Checkbox. In the title, type - "Payment will be collected at the studio" and in percentage type "100". Click "Save".

Accepting Payment from Other Countries

These types of restrictions are placed on the User's account by the payment service provider (Square or Stripe), not by Occasion. To lift these restrictions, reach out to your payment processor.

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