Giving Payment Options to Customers

One of the big benefits of online booking is to collect pre-payments for services in your business to reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Occasionally (yes, pun intended), you may want to process a customer's booking without a payment. There are two ways you can do that.

Process an in-store payment using "QuickOrder"

QuickOrder (available under "Manage") is a way for you to process a booking for a customer who may be on the phone or in the store. While processing a QuickOrder, you have the option of processing an in-store payment or collecting the customer's credit card.

Giving customer's an option to choose how they want to pay when booking online

On an as-needed basis, you can create an option for customers to pay in-store while they book online. Please note that when a customer selects this option, the booking will appear as "free" on the "Orders" page. Here's how you can set that up on your events:

  1. Click "Edit Listing" on event you wish to offer "in-store payment" as an option.
  2. On the right, scroll down and click "Add Text". In the pop-up window, type - "Optional: Pay In-store" and check the box to make the text appear as a section title. Click "Save".
  3. Again on the right, scroll down and click "Add Question". Select - Checkbox > Discount > Dividing Checkbox. In the title, type - "Payment will be collected at the studio" and in percentage type "100". Click "Save".

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