Connecting to Facebook Events and Facebook Local

Facebook Events and Facebook Local will help you in many ways to Book More Customers, Faster.

We know you use Facebook extensively to promote events, but it can be a hassle manually creating a large number of events. With our new Facebook Events integration, automatically create events on Facebook when you add public events to Occasion.

Facebook, especially their mobile app, can be a great source of new customers. With this integration your events will appear inside the newsfeed, become more discoverable for existing and new customers.

Some benefits of this integration:

  1. Put your events in your customers' newsfeed.
  2. Expand your social reach by getting friends of your customers to see your events too.
  3. Give them an easy way to express interest and sign up.
  4. Save time and stop manually adding events to Facebook.
  5. Boost your events and get more sign ups.

What kind of events are added to Facebook?

  • Events with initial availability of more than 5 people, which are happening up to 60 days in the future
  • Events that are marked as "Public" in the listing editor. Learn more about public/ private events here.
  • Events, which occur as series (ex: 10 week class), will only be added as one event, for the first date of the series. 
  • Events that have a "recurring schedule" will not be added to Facebook. Recurring events are labeled as such on your "Calendar"

How do I enable this feature?

To get it activated please follow the instructions here.

Other Common Questions:

  1. What happens when I enable it for the first time? Per Facebook rules, you will authorize Occasion to publish events on your behalf to your business page. After which, you will see all of your public Occasion events (see criteria above) for 60 days in the future appear as native Facebook events through your Facebook page within the following 48 hours.
  2. What happens if I make changes to an event in Occasion, that's already published on Facebook? If an event happening sooner than the next 60 days is changed, moved, or deleted from Occasion, you will have to make the change on Facebook yourself.
  3. How far out are events added to Facebook? We will check for new events daily, and only new events happening up to 60 days in the future will be added within 48 hours.
  4. Will my private events be posted to Facebook? No. Any events marked as "Private" in the listing editor will not be posted to Facebook.
  5. What image will my Facebook event use if I don't have an image as part of my Occasion listing? Facebook requires an image for all events on their platform. If you don't have an image with your Occasion listings, your Facebook page cover image will be used as the image for that Facebook event.

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