Create Project-Based Events

In this article, we will show you how you can create project-based events. A project-based event is one in which you want guests/ attendees to choose which project they want to work with during the event.

Here's how you will set-up the project-based options.

In this example, we will assume that you have three projects: Project A which costs $10 per person, Project B $20 a person and Project C $30 a person; you want to collect the names of the guests.

  1. After logging into your Occasion account, ensure that you are editing the event.
  2. Go to "Pricing" tab and click "Add Question".
    1. From the pop-up, select - "Attendee Pricing".
      1. In the title, enter "Select Number of Project A".
        1. Enter the price as "$10"
        2. Check the "Impacts Attendance" box.
        3. Save the change.
        4. Repeat the above four steps to add the remaining two projects.
  3. Go to "Availability" tab and set the availability to maximum number of seats at the event.
  4. Now, go to the "People" tab in the event editor.
  5. Check the "First Name" and "Last Name" box and click "Save".

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