Facebook and Occasion 101

In this article, we will cover all things you can do with by connecting your Facebook and Occasion accounts together. 

  1. Get More Likes
  2. Facebook Posts
  3. Facebook Button
  4. Facebook Events
  5. Facebook Pixel Tracking

Increase the number of likes to your Facebook Page

Occasion can help you increase the number of likes to your Facebook page in two ways:

  1. Add your Facebook page link to your Occasion account. Your customers will be asked to like your page after they have completed a booking.
    1. Click on the "gear" icon on the top-right which is "Settings" and then, select "My Account".
    2. On the right side, copy and paste your Facebook Page URL
    3. Click "Save"
  2. Customize your email receipts by asking customers to like your page. Here's how you can do that. A good example of copy to include would be "Like our Facebook page - facebook.com/occsn to receive access to exclusive discounts."

Create Facebook Posts from your Occasion calendar

You can directly create Facebook Posts of your events from your Occasion's calendar. Facebook Posts show up on your timeline and in your customer's newsfeed.  Here's how you can do that.

Link your Facebook Button to your Occasion Calendar

Give your Facebook customers an easy, quick way to find your calendar using Facebook Button. Facebook button is a call-to-action button your Facebook page visible to all web and mobile Facebook customers.

Here's how you can link your Facebook Button to your Occasion Calendar.

Create Facebook Events automatically when you create events on Occasion

Save dozens of hours manually creating Facebook Events. With Occasion's Facebook Events integration, your public events will automatically get published as Facebook Events. Here's how you can do that.

Track ROI on Facebook Ads

Spend money promoting your Facebook posts and Events? Use our integration with Facebook Ads to track ROI and conversions. Here's how it works.

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