Importing Gift Card Codes

Occasion allows you to import gift cards in bulk. This functionality comes in handy when switching to Occasion from another system with outstanding gift card balances.

Policy: If you're a new Occasion User and are in the process of transferring your business to our platform, we offer one free mass import of gift cards from your previous platform. After this, we charge fees on each gift card imported, based on your payment plan.

Solopreneur - 4% fee, capped at $10
Small Business - 2% fee, capped at $5
Established Small Business - 1% fee, capped at $5
Franchise - reach out to our Partner Success Team at to discuss.

How to request an import:

Please send an Excel spreadsheet with the following columns to and we will create all of the Gift Cards for you.

  1. Recipient's First Name (required)
  2. Recipient's Last Name (required)
  3. Recipient's Email Address (required)
  4. Gift Card Value (Initial value) (required)
  5. Remaining Value on Gift Card (required)
  6. Redemption / Gift Card Code, if available.
  7. Send Email to Customers - Yes/ No
  8. Buyer's First Name
  9. Buyer's Last Name
  10. Buyer's Email Address

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