The Difference Between Services and Listings

A Service represents the type of event you may offer, such as a class, a camp, a birthday party, a workshop etc, while a Listing is the actual event that you create and add time slots to.

Service (template)

Think of a Service as a "template" for your listings. Whenever you create a new listing, you will pick a service that the listing will be based upon to use as a starting point. 

A service itself can not have an image or time slots, and can not directly be booked.

You can see your current services and add new ones by clicking on the Service Templates under Settings on the top right.

To create a new service to base future listings off of, click the "New Service" button.
To customize an existing service before you use it as a starting point for a new listing, click the "Edit Service" button for the appropriate service.

Please note that only legacy Occasion accounts have the ability to create and edit services. If you have a new Occasion account and you'd like to add new services or change existing ones, please contact us and we'd be happy to help you.

Listing (actual event)

A Listing is the actual event you create on Occasion. To create a new listing for your customers to book, go to the Services page and pick a service you have already customized to use for the type of event you are about to create and click the "Create listing" button.

To manage existing listings on your Occasion account, go to Listing. To make changes to any of your listings click on the "Edit Listing" button for the appropriate listing.

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