Create and Customize a Template (Video)

In this video you'll learn how to choose and customize a template.

To get to the Templates page, click on Templates under Settings menu on the top right.

Add new template

To add a new template click on the Ideas tab and choose the template you'd like to add. You can use the search and filter options on the right if you'd like or just browse through all of the templates. 

Click on a template to preview it, and when you are ready to add it to your library, click on Add to My Templates.

Customize an existing Template

You can customize a template to have certain parameters - availability, pricing questions, attendee questions. 

To customize a template you've added to your collection, click on My Templates and click on the edit button for the template you'd like to customize.

When you are ready to use a Template to create a Listing, click on the Create Listing button.

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