Offer Drop-In or Multi-Day Registrations

The Drop-in or Multi-day service template enables you to offer customers the ability to sign up for multiple dates (and optionally give them a discount for signing up for many dates). 

Let's say you want to offer the following: Seven Weeks of Delicious Cooking which happens every Monday and Tuesday. Each day costs $50 for a person to attend and you want to offer customers 20% discount for booking more than 3 dates.

Please note that only legacy Occasion accounts have the ability to create and edit services. If you have a new Occasion account and you'd like to add new services or change existing ones, please contact us and we'd be happy to help you.

Setting up a Drop-In template 

Go to Settings > Templates > Ideas and search for Drop-Ins. You will see a few templates come up. Preview the templates and click "Add to my Template". This will add the idea template to your "Templates", which you can begin to modify.

Creating your Drop-In listing

Once you've created your listing using this service template, you can choose to offer a discount if your customers select multiple dates to register for. To do that go to the Additional Pricing tab from the listing editor and adjust the Multi-time slot Discount on Attendees section.

  • Set the percentage discount
  • Set the number of time slots that your customer needs to have booked before the discount will be applied.

Charging for Add-ons just once when multiple dates are purchased together

The default behavior for most types of pricing questions in the drop-ins listings is to multiply the price by the number of time slots selected for that order.

The Priced Items pricing question however allows the ability to only apply the charge once per order (not for each time slot purchased on the order)

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