Integrate with Google Events


Once you have your Google My Business account set-up and confirmed, follow these steps to turn on this integration in Occasion.

  1. Go to Settings > My Account > Marketing Channels
  2. Scroll under the section called "Customer Acquisition Campaigns" and find "Google Events"
  3. There is a Toggle to switch this feature on. You will also want to click on the button that says "Connect to My Google Business". This will open a pop-up window that asks you to log in with Google and give Occasion the necessary access. Log in with the Google account associated with your Google My Business profile.
  4. If you have multiple locations set up in Google My Business, select the location that you want Occasion to post your events to. Occasion only supports a single Google My Business location. If you only have one location in your Google My Business profile, this step will be skipped. should only take a few minutes before you'll start seeing your events on your Google My Business account.
  5. Learn how to publish your Google Events automatically to Google Search and Google Maps.

Disconnecting From Google Events

If you no longer want your events to be pushed to your Google My Business profile, you should disconnect Occasion from your Google My Business account. To do this, follow these three steps.

  1. Click on "Settings" icon in the top right corner, and go to "Account Details" then "Marketing Channels".
  2. Scroll down to the section under "Customer Acquisition Campaigns" and find "Google Events".
  3. Toggle the switch to "Off".

Once that's done, no new events will be published to your Google My Business profile.

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