Offer At-Home Kits

You can now offer your customers At-Home Kits - listings they can use to purchase materials ahead of time and do an activity on their own time and at their own location.

Your At-Home Kit listing will become your online store. You can even automatically manage inventory for each individual product you offer.  This listing must not have any time slots as it isn't for an event that happens at a specific date and time - it's used solely to sell your products/materials online, and you would promote the listing by sharing the booking page link with your customers.
Things to think about:
  • How you want to do deliveries, pick-up, shipping.
    Some merchants prefer to offer pick-ups in their store or at their homes, while others prefer to do deliveries or ship the materials via the post office. It's up to you if you only want to offer one of all of these options.
  • Whether you want to send your customers instructions on how to complete the activity. 
    Some merchants record video instructions while others include them on a sheet of paper with the kit. Use your creativity and decide on what works best for you.

Watch the video tutorial below for step-by-step instructions on how to set-up At-Home Kits:

Set-up checklist:
  1. Create a new venue for At-Home listings. You can do that from the Listings page.
  2. Go to the Services page and create a new At-Home Kit listing.
  3. Add title, description and image.
  4. Adjust the various product and pricing options on the right side of the form.
  5. The listing Preview link is the URL that your customers should use to purchase your kits. Share this URL with your customers on social media, through email campaigns and any other way you find useful.

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