Manage and fulfill your Boxed orders

Note: This feature will soon be removed. If you have any questions on an alternative to allow pickups at your store, please reach out to

Once an order from a Boxed activated listing is placed, you'll be able to see it in the Boxed page. This where you can see and manage its status.

On this page you can see the Fulfillment Type and Status for each of your Boxed orders. 
If there is action required on an order it will be listed for you in the Description and Action columns.

Once you complete an action, the Status for this fulfillment will update. Here are the different Status options you can expect to see for each Fulfillment Type, with the actions completed by you indicated in bold:

  • Pickup: Reserved > Done Preparing > Prepared > Complete Pickup > Completed
  • Delivery: Reserved > Done Preparing > Prepared > Hand off > Delivering > Completed
  • Shipment: Reserved > Done Preparing > Prepared > Dropped-off for Shipping > Delivering > Completed

It is best practice to keep the Status of your fulfillments correct by taking the appropriate action and indicating it on the Boxed page. This will also keep your customers updated on the status of their order fulfillment.

Please note that we will automatically change the status of a fulfillment if we can. For example: 
  • For Shipping, if we are given information from FedEx that you have delivered the package to them, we’ll switch the status. 
  • For Delivery, if we know the delivery driver picked up the package, we'll update the status to reflect that.

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