To-Go Kits

In this article, you'll learn how to set up a To-Go Kit.

All To-Go Kits will allow customers to schedule a time to pick up their kits from a set location. 

How to create a To-Go Kit Listing:

  1. Find the "Appointment Scheduling" template.

    Note: To find the appropriate template, please reach out to If you are an Admin User, you can find this on the "Ideas" tab.

  2. Click "Create Listing" from the "Appointment Scheduling" template.
  3. You'll be prompted to create a schedule of time slots.
    1. Skip the question on duration for a moment and enter the range of time you'll allow pick ups at your store. Most Sellers will add their hours of operation.

      For example, "M, W, Th, F 9:00am-7:00pm, Closed Tuesdays, and Sat-Sun 10:00-4:00pm":
    2. Then, back to the top, enter the desired interval between time slots. For example, if you add "60" minutes, your time slots will list as such (and continue on through the schedule):
  4. Click "Next" and you'll be prompted to connect to your Google Calendar. You can do so or skip by selecting "Connect to my calendar later".

  5. Please preview the booking page to make sure the time slots are correct. If not, you can delete this listing and start over.
  6. Go back to the page with the link to share with customers and select "Finish".
  7. Now that you've finished the time slot set up, you can now edit your event and add images and a description. You can then fill out all of the pricing, email receipt information, etc.
  8. Note: Make sure to read the section below to find best practices. To learn more about how to set up the event details, go here.

Best Practices

  • The time slots represent a range of time where a customer is expected to pick up their kit from the set location. Make sure you select the correct venue so that the address is updated.
  • You can customize the wording that says "Select which day you would like to reserve" to say anything you'd like. For example, many businesses may say "Select which day you would like to pick up your To-Go Kit"
  • You can add images to add-ons by selecting "Add Question" and then "Priced Items".

  • You can share the link to this booking page on your website by attaching it to a call-to-action button that will open in a new tab. For further guidance, please reach out to us at

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