Understanding Order Status

What do different Order and payment statuses mean?

  • Pending Payment - Customer's spot is being held while the system confirms payment with the payment processor.
  • Dropped - Customer's order was not completed successfully and their spot has been released.
  • Cancelled - Customer's order was canceled and their spot has been released. This does not include refunds, this is a separate function.
  • Booked - Customer's order was completed.

Why is the status "Pending Payment" and what should I do next?

A "Pending Payment" order will held for up to 1 hour until the system receives confirmation from the payment gateway that the payment was approved or declined. After which, the status will be automatically changed to "dropped".

When an order is dropped, the booking is not reserved and the payment has not been captured. To confirm no payment was captured, double-check for the transaction within your payment gateway. 

If you are concerned about the issue, our recommendation is to "Cancel" the order and have the customer re-book.

Why do orders drop?

The Customer’s orders fail due to three primary reasons:

  1. Commonly, the credit card is declined because the customer does not have sufficient funds available, the issuer bank has a hold on their credit card, or the payment gateway didn't receive the payment information quickly enough due to an error that occurs in the data transfer. 
  2. Second, the most common reason is when the customer accidentally skips over a required question. In this case, the customer is alerted to the missing answer.
  3. Rarely, it could be because the Visa/Mastercard network is momentarily down.

What is the reason for dropped order?

To see why the order was dropped

  1. Go to the Orders page, locate the order and click, 'Edit Order.'
  2. Then the transaction failure reason will be listed under Transactions.

How can I solve this issue?

The most common way to troubleshoot this issue is to have the customer attempt the charge with a different card or to attempt checking out on behalf of the customer via Quick Order. 

What if the customer's card is good to process?

If the customer’s bank confirms that their credit card is good to process, please contact your payment gateway provider with the exact error message you or your customer is seeing.

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