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Take Off

Set Up

The basic set up of your account

7 articles

Your Account

Set up your billing and general settings

4 articles

Accept Payment

Set up your payment integration to collect funds online

5 articles

Import Data

What we need from you if you're joining us from another platform

1 article

Booking Fees

Learn how our booking fees work

3 articles

Create and Sell

Experience Management

Create and edit your experiences

11 articles

Gift Cards

Set up and understand gift cards

4 articles

Selling Tools

Sell your experiences with these functions

10 articles


Coupon and Discounts

Offer special promotions to your customers

5 articles


Review the emails sent from your account

8 articles


Connect Occasion to your other tools

6 articles


Promote your experiences and make sales

9 articles


Review sales, trends, and more

8 articles


Calendar and Listings

Manage and edit your calendar and listings

15 articles


1 article

Customers and Attendees

Manage your customers, attendees, and rosters

9 articles

Gift Cards and Credits

Manage gift cards and account credits

2 articles


Manage orders. refunds, reschedules, and re-bookings

9 articles


1 article

Venues and Staff

Manage your locations and staff

5 articles

Your Account

Manage your general account settings

10 articles