Invite customers to use your calendar

After you are all set-up with Occasion and have gone live, it is important to alert your customers that they now have a new way to book your services.

We recommend that you promote your new functionality in the following 3 ways:

Social Media Post

Below are examples of social media posts:

  • "New, easy way to book with us online is now live! You can book even book from your phones."
  • "In one easy step, you can now book with us online. Try it out from your phone or tablet."
  • "Checkout what's new, availability and book with us quickly and easily."

Website Alerts

Many websites allow you to create an announcement at the top of your website. If possible, use this feature to alert your customers as a way to direct them to your new calendars.

Email Alerts

Below is an example of an email we recommend sending out to your customers. Please feel free to edit the copy:

Hi there,

Wanted to send along an email to you today and let you know that we have switched (or, started) to a new online booking software.

We believe this experience will be much better for you and our business. It's fast and easy.

  • Your gift card balances have been imported so you can use the same code to redeem against purchases online.
  • Your account credits have been converted into a gift card so you can redeem the balance over multiple purchases. If you don't have a code, please let us know.
  • Your account login/ password is no longer going to work. Everything is tied to your email, so you will no longer need an account to book online.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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