Transferring Ownership of your Account

It's common to see staff members come and go or businesses being bought and sold.

In this article, we will walk you through how to change the ownership of your account in both these instances. Remember, every step is meticulously designed to protect and safeguard against any misuse of your account.

Transfer ownership of the account

  • To a new team member
  • To a new business owner

Transfer ownership to a new team member:

Say you are transferring the account ownership from to, here are you steps:

  1. Make sure the new person ( has been added or listed as a team member on your Occasion staff page.
  2. Have email to request change of ownership. This step can only be completed by an Occasion team member.
  3. Once step 2 is complete, decide to keep or remove the former user as your staff member.

Transfer ownership to a new business owner:

For the current (old) account owner:

  1. Change your account owner email: This is the email address that owns your business account. Go to the My Account page Settings to verify that the email address on file is correct, if not change the account owner's email address
  2. Update Occasion billing Information: To update your subscription information for Occasion billing, please email We will send you a link that you can use to enter the new account owner's information.

For the new account owner

  1. Change your payment gateway: Unless you will continue using the old account owner's payment processing account, you will need to change the payment gateway. This is done from the Settings > Payment Gateway. You can connect your new gateway easily to Occasion.
  2. Set-up your team: Make sure to verify that all team members who have access to your account are going to be part of your team. If you wish to make changes to it, then you can remove access or add new team members as well.

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