Transferring Ownership of your Account to a New Team Member

It's common to see staff members come and go or businesses being bought and sold.

In this article, we will walk you through how to change the ownership of your account in both these instances. Remember, every step is meticulously designed to protect and safeguard against any misuse of your account.

Transfer ownership of the account

Transfer ownership to a new team member:

Say you are transferring the account ownership from to, here are you steps:

  1. Make sure the new person ( has been added or listed as a team member on your Occasion staff page.
  2. Once has accepted the invitation and created their password to the account, have go to the Staff Page and click on "New Owner" under the "Owner" column.
  3. Once this has been selected, will have all permissions on the account as a default to make the new necessary changes to the account.
    *Note: The "admin and billing contact" permission cannot be changed while the current User is the account owner.
  4. Once step 2 is complete, decide to keep or remove the former user as your staff member.

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