Filtering Orders

Orders is a way to keep track of all your bookings, both online and offline in one place. There are three ways to filter for orders.

Search filter

This capability on the Orders page allows you to quickly search for an order by simply typing the order details. You can search for an order by typing the following:

  • A customer's first name
  • A customer's email address
  • An order ID
  • Name of the class or listing

Quick filter

There are quick filters on the Orders page that allow you to go beyond search. The quick filters are available as "buttons" on the Orders

  • Order Date: Use this quick filter to look up orders placed on a certain date.
  • Time Slot: Use this quick filter to look up orders happening on a certain date.
  • Listing: Use this quick filter to look up orders for a particular class/ listing.

Advanced filter (for advanced users)

There are more advanced filters available on the Orders page for advanced users only. These advanced filters allow you to run custom queries like

  • Order date "after Jan 1, 2015" that failed.
  • Customer's first name that contain "jenny".
  • Order that have sales over a certain amount.

To try this, go to the  Orders page, and click the "Advanced Filters" button. In the new window, choose from the attribute you wish to filter by.

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