Cancelling My Account

In this Help Article, you will learn how to:

Cancel Account

Before cancelling, make sure to check our pricing options available, in case a pricing change would help you keep your operations running smoothly.

Please note that if you cancel:

  • Your data is deleted from Occasion. Make sure you export it before you order your workspace cancellation
  • Your customers will no longer be able to book using Occasion
  • You and all of your staff members will no longer have access to your workspace.

To cancel your account, make sure that you are logged in as the Account Owner. You can find this information by going to the Manage Staff page.

  1. Go to Settings > Billing > Subscriptions Tab
  2. Select "Cancel my subscription"

  3. A pop up screen will show, with more details to confirm if you want to cancel.

If you're having trouble accessing the subscription page, please email us at

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