Putting My Account On Hold

Pause Paying Account

Common reasons to pause account:

  • Your business is struggling so you need to temporarily pause your account but don't want to lose your data or listings
  • You aren't sure if the current pricing plan works with your budget this year and need time to discuss this with your team

    To pause, follow these steps:
    1. Go to Settings > Billing > Subscription Tab
    2. Select "Pause my subscription"
    3. A pop up screen will show, with more details to confirm if you want to pause.
    4. To make sure the changes were saved, you'll notice that if you hover over the "Pause my subscription," a message will confirm that your account will pause at the end of the month. You will also notice the next billing date is blank.
      You will have 6 months to reactivate your account. To reactivate your account, please reach out to help@getoccasion.com.
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