Collecting Taxes and marking exemptions

As a business, you may be required to collect taxes on sales when a booking is placed. Occasion makes it easy for you

  1. Collect taxes
  2. And, make certain items exempt from tax levy during checkout.

Collecting Taxes during checkout:

You can set-up a tax rate at each individual listing level. To set-up a tax rate:

  1. Login to your Occasion Workspace
  2. While "editing a listing", go to the "Additional Pricing" on the left.
  3. For a tax rate of 8% - enter "8" in the "Sales Tax" field and click anywhere out of the field to save changes.
  4. This will levy an 8% tax on the Order Subtotal

Making certain items exempt from taxes:

Would you like to add an extra pricing question that should not include tax, while the rest of the order (main tickets price) should? 

Now you can!

Add the pricing question by clicking on "Add Question" from the listing editor, select the appropriate pricing question and check the "Exempt from taxes" box.

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