Per-Transaction Booking Fees from Occasion

In this article, we will explain how the per-transaction fee billing works. 

  • How does Occasion collect per-transaction fees from me?
  • Why did I invoiced for per-transaction fees?
  • How do I change who pays the per-transaction fee?

Collecting per-transaction fees:

The way Occasion collects per-transaction fee varies on which payment gateway you use and which country you are located in.

In this example, we are going to assume the order total is $50 for one transaction:

1. Australia, CanadaEurozone,United Kingdom Any Absorb $2 Merchant Once a month(billed to card)
2. Australia, CanadaEurozone,United Kingdom Any Passthrough $2 Consumer first,then by Merchant Once a month(billed to card)
3. UnitedStates Any non-Squaregateway Absorb $2 Merchant Once a month(billed to card)
4. UnitedStates Any non-Squaregateway Passthrough $2 Consumer first,then by Merchant Once a month(billed to card)
5. UnitedStates Square Absorb $2 Merchant Collected whentransaction is processed
6. UnitedStates Square Pass-through $2 Consumer Collected whentransaction isprocessed

I got invoiced for per-transaction fees.

There are two scenarios in which you get invoiced for per-transaction fees:

  • You are based outside of the United States. (see 1 and 2 in table above)
  • You are based in the U.S. but using a gateway other than Square to process payments (see 3 and 4 in table above).

If you belong to one of the groups above, Occasion will invoice you. When you pass-on the fees to the customers, Occasion deposits the extra per-transaction fees in your bank account and charges your credit card once a month.

Changing the who pays per-transaction fee 

You may decide to change who pays the per-transaction fee from business paying to having your customer pay.

  1. From your Occasion account, click on "Settings" on the top-right corner.
  2. Under "Billing", click on "Change seat fee".

Common Questions:

  1. What happens if an order gets cancelled?
    1. When a credit card refund is processed on a booking, a proportional refund is also processed to the customer through Occasion. Example, if you process a $50 refund on $100 total, Occasion will refund 50% of the booking fees to the customer.
    2. In every other scenario, booked seats count per month will exclude cancelled seats prior to charging the credit card on file.

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