Components of the new Checkout (version 5)

In March 2024, we released our latest checkout version which is vastly different from our original one page approach. The biggest change between all previous versions and the newest is that we have a dedicated landing page for your event.

In this article, you will review the components of the landing page in the new Checkout.

There's a beautiful image gallery at the top of the page. Customers can scroll through different images of your event and really immerse themselves into it.

  1. Title and Description

There's more room to highlight your event's name and description. This gives you the ability to add details to your event information and answer every question your customer may have.

  1. Call-to-action

There's only one obvious call-to-action to keep the customer focused on it. When a customer is ready - they click "Book Now" to start checkout.

  1. Social Proof

The number shown is an approximate of the count of customers in your Occasion workspace and shows them as a "happy customer" count. This gives future customers another point of social proof about your business and the trust to start and complete their checkout.

  • If your customer count is under 1,000 - then this section is hidden.
  • If your customer count is 1,012 - then customers see "1,000+ happy customers"
  • If your customer count is 2,291 - then customers see "2,000+ happy customers"
  • If your customer count is 10,201 - then customers see "10,000+ happy customers"

  1. Venue Information

There's clear information on the location of the event - the address is clearly displayed. If the venue of the event is virtual or mobile - the address is hidden and the customer is shown that the event is held virtually or on-the-go.

  1. Get Help

There's an easy way for customers to get help - technical or non-technical.

  • For non-technical help, the customer is directed to your customer's service information.
  • For technical help, the customer's question is routed in the background to Occasion.

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