Sell Gift Cards Online And In-store

Generate thousands of dollars in new cash every year by giving your customers the ability to buy gift cards online.

With Occasion, every business can now sell gift cards through their website, email, Facebook and also, In-store:

Sell Gift Cards on your website

  1. Create a tab in your navigation menu for Gift Cards, link it directly your Occasion's Gift Card Listing by obtaining the URL.
  2. If your website theme allows you to modify the footer, then create a "Buy Gift Cards" button in the footer of your website. Again, you can use the direct link to your Gift Card Listing.

Sell Gift Cards via Facebook (or other social media)

There are two ways to stay in front of your Facebook and social media audience.

  1. Post directly from your Occasion workspace to your social networks. This will create a direct link for your social media audiences allowing them to easily purchase Gift Cards.
  2. Especially for Facebook, we also recommend creating a permanent tab for Gift Cards on your business page.

Sell Gift Cards in-store

Sell Gift Cards in-store when a customer is at your business and you wish to sell them a Gift Card. You can also use this feature to give customers an "in-store credit" instead of a refund on a previous order.

Generate a Gift Card code using Occasion and give the customer a physical card with the code.

  1. Create at least one Gift Card listing in your Occasion account.
  2. Go to the Gift Cards page in your Occasion account.
  3. Click on "Create a New Gift Card" in the top-right corner. If you have multiple gift card listings, from the drop-down select a Gift Card listing.
  4. Fill in the details of the customer's order.
  5. Select the "In-store" payment option if you are collecting payment for the sale in cash or if it is a credit towards a prior order. Otherwise, select the "Credit Card" payment option.

Submitting the order will generate a gift card code for the customer to use on any future purchase.

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