Calendar Embed Code and Share URL, and Event Registration Links

Occasion gives you several ways to publish events into your website 

Embedding Calendars into your Website

Embed Codes

Your Occasion Calendar can be embedded into your website. Learn more on how to embed the calendar into some popular website builders. To find the code for your Calendar, go to Settings > Website Calendars

Your Occasion Calendar can be linked to a button on your Website if your website builder does not allow for the embedding of the code. To find the link for your Calendar, go to Settings > Website Calendars

Every listing has a unique URL that can be shared with your customers in an email or anywhere on the web. This link will take your customers directly to the event checkout page. This is particularly useful for private events you may not be showing on your public calendar.

To obtain the direct event registration link for a listing go into the listing editor and click the "Share" button on the top right. This will open a pop-up window with sharing options. You can then copy the URL listed - that is your direct event registration link.

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