Calendar Embed Code and Share URL, and Event Registration Links

Embed Codes and Share URLs

Your Occasion calendar Embed Code will allow you to embed your public calendar/view within the Calendar page of your website. To find the code for your Calendar, go to Settings > Public Views. 

You can click on "Show View" for any of the views on your account to preview how they would appear for your customers, or click on "Edit View" to make changes. Once you are happy with the way your view appears follow the steps below:

  • To embed your Calendar on your website, copy the code under "Embed Code". 
  • To share your Calendar in an email or to create a button on your website that takes your customers to your calendar (if your website doesn't allow embedding), use the link under "Share URL".

Event Registration Links

Every listing has a unique URL that can be shared with your customers in an email or anywhere on the web. This link will take your customers directly to the event checkout page. This is particularly useful for private events you may not be showing on your public calendar.

To obtain the direct event registration link for a listing go into the listing editor and click on the "Preview" button on the top right. This will open the registration page in a new browser tab. You can then copy the URL for that page from your browser window - that is your direct event registration link.

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