Import data to your account

When you are switching to Occasion, it is important to not lose data from your previous platform.

There are 3 types of data which you can import to Occasion.

Importing Customer List

We can import the list of your customers - first name, last name, address, email and phone. Please send the excel spreadsheet to

Importing Gift Certificate Balances and Account Credits

You may have outstanding credits and gift certificate balances. Please send the excel spreadsheet to with the following data:

  1. Recipient's First Name (required)
  2. Recipient's Last Name (required)
  3. Recipient's Email Address (required)
  4. Gift Card Value (Initial value) (required)
  5. Remaining Value on Gift Card (required)
  6. Redemption / Gift Card Code, if available.
  7. Send Email to Customers - Yes/ No
  8. Buyer's First Name (required)
  9. Buyer's Last Name (required)
  10. Buyer's Email Address

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