Create and Add a Waiver or a Policy Question

You may want to require your customer to agree to a waiver or a cancellation and refund policy before they are allowed to register for a class. This is exactly what you are able to do with Occasion's "Waiver" question. 

To add a waiver field to your listing, go into the listing editor.

  1. On the right side of the listing editor, from the bottom of the page, click on "Add Question".
  2. Select "Waiver Field (with checkbox)"
  3. In the "Title" field, enter the text you require your customer to agree to. For example, "I agree to the terms and conditions."
  4. In the "Waiver Content" field, copy and paste your policy text. If you need some ideas, we have some sample policies you can use listed here. Please note, this content can be formatted using HTML
  5. Click "Save" and the waiver will be added to your registration form.

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