Minimize Double Bookings With Calendar Collision

Calendar Collision is a smart detection feature to help you minimize double bookings. Calendar collision will disable your time slots shown to customers in cases where it recognizes potential conflicts.

Enable/Disable Calendar Collision

You can enable or disable Calendar Collision from the Settings > My Account > Business Information. Scroll down to "Calendar Collision." If the toggle is blue, this indicates it is enabled. If it is gray, it is disabled. 

Calendar Collision between your Occasion calendar and your Google Calendar

If you have an event on your Occasion calendar that conflicts with an event in your personal Google Calendar (which you have synced to Occasion), the event you have on your Occasion calendar will be disabled and your customers will not be allowed to register for it.

Consider this example:

  • Let's say, on January 3, 2022, from 10-11 am your Occasion calendar shows an event with an available opening for your customers to book.
  • However, your personal Google Calendar also has you scheduled for a doctor's appointment at that same time.
  • Occasion will disable the 10-11 am time slot on January 3, 2022, and will not show it as available to your customers.

Calendar Collision between events of the same venue in your Occasion account

If you have multiple listings in the same venue with overlapping time slots, the first of the overlapping time slots to be booked would be the only one that is allowed and all other overlapping time slots will then be disabled.

If you have multiple listings in separate venues, with overlapping time slots, the listings in the other venues will not be affected by calendar collision. 

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