Take an order in person or over the phone (video)

There are two types of orders that can be placed in-person or over the phone. We call these Quickorders.

Quickorder for Events

In this video you'll learn how to submit an order on behalf of a customer. 

This can be done up until the end of the event you are registering a customer for, but not after the event has finished.
You can also complete late registration for session based events as long as your listing is set up for it. If you set up pro-rated pricing, this will automatically apply. 

  1. From the "Calendars" section of your account click on the event you'd like to register a customer for.
  2. Click on "Quick Order".
  3. Complete the form on the right with your customer's information.
  4. From the "Payment Type" section at the bottom of the form choose "In-store" if your customer is paying cash or select "Credit Card" to enter their credit card information.

Quick Order for Gift Card Listings

In this section, you'll learn how to create a cash or credit card order for the customer on the backend, whether it's in-person or over the phone.

  1. Go to Marketing > Gift Cards
  2. Click "Quickorder", from the drop down choose, Gift Certificate, as highlighted below. 

  3. The page will redirect to be able to enter the customer's information for an order paid in cash or credit card.
  4. Fill in the information with the customer's help.
  5. Select "In-Store" for Cash options and "Credit Card" for credit payment.

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