Create RSVP for Guests of a Private Event

In this article, we will show you how you can create an RSVP for guests for a private event. Using this event type, you can have guests individually RSVP and pay if they are attending a private event like a corporate team building event or a bachelorette private party.

How to Set Up RSVP Event

Here's how you will set-up the RSVP event:

In this example, we will assume that you have the following scenario: You want individual guests of a private event to pay $30 per person and provide their names when signing up for "Acme's Team Building Event".

  1. After logging into your Occasion workspace, select "Listings" on the toolbar
  2. You'll see three tabs to the top right and click on the tab called "Ideas"
  3. Search for "PARTY: Reserve the Studio for Your Own Adults-Only Party"
  4. Click on "Add To My Templates", go to your Templates tab and "Create Listing" from this template.
  5. Once you have that in Listings, go to the Listings tab and click "Edit Listing"
    1. Change the title to "RSVP for a Private Party"
    2. Mark it as Private by selecting the Public switch.
    3. Add the appropriate time slot under the Time Slots tab
    4. Update the maximum availability under the Availability tab
    5. Update a fixed Deposit under the Additional Pricing, if applicable
    6. Delete any Add-ons questions in the right panel
    7. Delete the question that says "Select Number of Attendees" and replace it with "Text Input (single line)". Here, you will add as the Title "Number of Guests" and make it required. You can move this question to be placed under "Additional Information".
  6. You, as the Merchant, will receive an email to tell you how many customers booked this event. Keep this in mind.
  7. Now create your event called "Acme's Team Building Event" (or if it already exists, Edit the Listing)
    1. Add the appropriate time slot under the Time Slots tab
    2. Do not add a deposit.
    3. Update the maximum availability based on the email sign ups from the "RSVP for a Private Party" Listing you just created
    4. On the right panel, add a Question called "Fixed attendee question" and type "Select Number of People" with a price at $30 per person
    5. Add-ons can be included here
    6. Under the Peoples tab, check the "First Name" and "Last Name" and click "Save"
  8. At the top right of the Listing Editor, you can click "Share" to get the link to the Private Event, to then share this with each attendee, to allow them to select any add-ons and pay for their own ticket.

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