Automated Feedback Emails

Occasion gives you the ability to generate more positive reviews on your Facebook, Yelp, and Google pages. This is done through a post-event feedback email that is sent to your customers 24 hours after the event asking them for their feedback.

In this article, you will see

The Goal of the Feature

The goal of this feature is to:

  1. Make it easy for customers to provide post-event feedback.
  2. Generate more positive reviews online for your business.
  3. Route negative reviews into your internal dashboard for review.  

To Enable Automated Feedback Emails Feature

  1. In your dashboard, go to Settings > Account Settings > Campaigns
  2. Scroll down to the section called "Generate Positive Reviews Online" and toggle on.
  3. Once the toggle is turned ON to generate positive reviews online, you will click edit where you will enter your desired review site.
  4. Paste the link to your external review site (Facebook page, Yelp, Google, etc).
  5. Click "Save".

Note: If you do not direct your customers to provide a review on an external page, you can still collect feedback and it will be available under Reports > Feedback to view.

Automated Email Sequence

A customer receives an email 24 hours after the event ends. Here's what the email looks like:

Does the merchant receive a notification when feedback is given?

Yes, an email is sent to the Merchant (example below). Feedback history can also be found in the Dashboard by going to Marketing > Feedback (under Campaigns).

How to edit the Custom Feedback Message

You can edit the body of the message, by clicking on the "Email receipts" tab from the listing editor when making adjustments on individual listings. 

What happens when the customer selects "OK"

In the email, the customer can choose between two buttons to rate their experience:

  1. OK
  2. Amazing!

When a customer chooses "OK", they're prompted to answer, "How can we make it better?". The response is saved for internal review on the " Feedback" page.

When the customer clicks "Amazing," they are re-directed to the external social link provided earlier, to write a review.  (Reminder, if no link is present, the answer is saved on the " Feedback" page.)


  1. Is the feedback linked to the customer's order? - Yes, the feedback is linked to both the customer's order (which includes the event, date, and time) and the customer profile.
  2. Are feedback emails sent for private events? - Yes, feedback emails are sent for all events if enabled.
  3. Do I receive a notification when a customer leaves feedback? - Yes, you will receive an email. You can also access reviews within your Occasion workspace under "Campaigns" and then select Customer Reviews.

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