Automated Feedback Emails

Occasion gives you the ability to generate more positive reviews on your Facebook, Yelp, Google pages. A post-event feedback email is sent to your customers 24 hours after the event asking them for their feedback.

The goal of this feature is to

  1. make it easy for customers to provide post-event feedback.
  2. generate more positive reviews online for your business.
  3. "gate" reviews negative reviews by converting them into internal comments.

To enable this feature:

  1. After logging into your Occasion account
  2. Go to Reports > Feedback
  3. Click the "Settings" button from the top right.
  4. Check the "Send feedback emails" box.
  5. Paste the link to your external review site (Facebook page, Yelp, Google, etc).
  6. Click "Save"

Need help finding links to your pages? - Scroll down to the bottom of this page for further assistance on how to obtain your Facebook, Yelp, Google external links.

Automated email sequence:

Customer receives an email 24 hours after the start of the event. Here's what the email looks like:

You can customize the text under the customer's name and above the "How was your experience" header. Just click on the "Email receipts" tab from the listing editor to make these custom adjustments.

In the email, customer can click two buttons asking them how would they rate their experience:

  1. Just Fine
  2. Liked It

When the customer clicks "Just Fine", this is what they see. The customer is asked to provide an answer to the question "How can we make it better?". The response is saved on the " Feedback" page.

When the customer clicks "Liked It", they are re-directed to an external link to write a review - like your Google Page, Facebook Page, Yelp Page.

Common Questions

  1. When is the feedback email sent? - The feedback email is to all customers 24 hours after the end of the event. If the customers books multiple dates, then the email is sent after the last event date/time attended by the customer.
  2. Can the email be customized? - Yes, a custom copy message can be added to each event under the "Email Receipts" tab available when editing the event. The custom copy will be shown just above the "review" buttons in the gray box. Please note that the customer name and greeting (ex. "Hi Harry, ") will already be included in the email, so you just need to customize the rest.
  3. Is the feedback from customers stored somewhere? - Yes, the feedback collected when the customer clicks "Just Fine" is available to all staff members with access under "Marketing Feedback". If the customer clicks "Likes It" they will be directed to your choice of external website (Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc) to provide their feedback as a publicly visible review.
  4. What happens if I don't link Google, Facebook or any external link to write a positive review? - The customer will be asked to write an internal comment, the same behavior as if they were leaving a negative review.
  5. Is the feedback linked to the customer's order? - No, at this time.
  6. Are feedback emails sent for private events? - Yes, feedback emails are sent for all events.
  7. Do I receive a notification when a customer leaves feedback? - No, but you can access reviews within your Occasion account under "Reports" and then from drop-down select Feedback.
  8. How do I obtain a link to my Facebook page? After logging into Facebook, go to your Facebook page. Click on "Reviews" tab. Now copy the link - it should look like - yourbusiness/reviews/
  9. How do I obtain a link to my Yelp page? Go to and search for your business. Click on your business name and copy the URL - it should look like - yourbusiness
  10. How do I obtain a link to my Google page? - Go to and login. If you have a short name for your business, look for the section "Get More Reviews" and you will see a link to copy. If you do not have a short name for your business, follow these instructions from Google to create a short name.

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