Automated Recovery Emails

Recover abandoned bookings with Occasion's automated email campaigns.

The goal of this feature is to recover booking from customers, who abandoned the sign up page before fully completing it. There are series of three emails sent to the customer:

The first email is sent to the customer 4 hours after the booking was abandoned.

The second email is sent to the customer 24 hours after the booking was abandoned.

The third and final email is sent to the customer 36 hours the booking was abandoned.

Common Questions

  1. When does the email sequence stop sending reminders to customers? The emails stop going out to customers either when they open an email or complete a booking. For example, if a customer opens the first email reminder but does not book - the second and the third email is no longer sent.
  2. Are the emails sent if the event starts soon? - No, the emails are not sent after the event starts or if the event was made inactive for sale by the merchant.
  3. Any other reasons recovery emails may not be sent to the customer? - Recovery emails are not sent to the customer if the customer booked the same event less than a week ago or if the customer abandoned another booking in the last 3 days.
  4. Is there a dashboard for measuring the effectiveness of these email? Yes, there's a dashboard for merchants who have requested this feature on their account under Marketing > Recovery Emails

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