Learn About the Listing Editor (Video)

The Listing Editor is what you would use to create or modify your listings. To access your Listing editor, go to "Listings" from the sidebar menu, and click "Edit Listing" for any of the listings in your workspace.  You can also access the Listing editor if you click on an event from the Workspace Calendar page and choose the "Edit" button from the listing section on the bottom right.

You can adjust the settings for the listing from the tabs on the left and make changes to specific questions from the right side of the screen. 

In this article, you will learn about the:

The Listing Editor screen is split into two - Options Panel on the left side and Registration Form on the right side. We'll walk through each.

Options Panel (on the left)

Several tabs on the left side of the Listing Editor allow for adjusting the settings for that listing.

Basic tab

The Basic tab allows you to set the listing Title and Description.  You can also choose a different venue for that listing by selecting the new venue from the venue drop-down. Finally, you can set the listing as Public or Private from the Basic tab as well.

Images tab

This is where you can upload an image for your listing. You can upload any size image, but landscape format images in a 4:3 aspect ratio (i.e. 800px x 600px) work best. You can either upload an image from your computer or you can choose one from a Google search or a linked account like Dropbox.

Time Slots tab

From the Time Slots tab, you can add the date and time of the event. Just click on the "Add new time slot" button

Then select the date and the start and end time for the event

If the event repeats on a regular basis (i.e. once a week, 1st Saturday of the month, etc.), check the "Repeats" box and adjust the recurrence schedule

You can add multiple individual time slots or multiple recurrences by clicking on the "Add new time slot" again after you've added the first time slot

Availability tab

This is where you can set the maximum number of people that can register for your class

People tab

This is where you can choose the type of information you would like to gather for each attendee on the order. The main person who registers (the one who submits the payment) already provides you with their First Name, Last Name, Email, Zip Code, and Phone number, but the information on this tab allows you to collect additional information on the other attendees being registered on the same order as well.

Please try to limit the number of items you select here to no more than 2-3.

Additional Pricing tab

The Additional Pricing tab allows you to add extra fees to the order total.  This is where you can set your sales tax which will be included on each order for that listing. You can also set deposits (common for private party booking listings) and fixed fees.

Fixed fee adds a fixed amount to each order total (this is not where you would set the ticket price), and it's very uncommon.

Email Receipts tab

This is where you can customize the information that goes to your customers in your Order Confirmation emails, Reminder emails, and Feedback emails 

Registration Form (on the right)

The right side of the Listing Editor shows a preview of what the form will look like for your customers. It also allows you to change the settings for individual questions.

Customer Information

The "Customer Information" section contains information that is required for billing purposes. 

This section cannot be edited or removed.

Additional Questions

You can move your mouse over any of the additional questions to see more options for each question - Edit, Duplicate, Delete, and Move. You can make changes to the question by selecting the "Edit" option.

You can adjust the pricing question by clicking on "Edit". Make sure that the "Impact Attendance" box is checked if you'd like the number of tickets being purchased to impact the total availability for the class. 

The "Hide the 0 option" box should be checked if you only have one pricing question on your form. This would default the number of tickets being purchased from 0 to 1.

To add more questions to the form, click on the "Add Question" button at the bottom of the page. 

There are several different question types. Select the appropriate one and fill out the information.

Please note that new questions will be added to the bottom of the form. You can rearrange them by hovering your mouse over the question, clicking the arrow icon on the right, and dragging the question up or down.

To see the public view of your form, click on the "Preview" button at the top right corner of the page. This is also part of the listing editor that allows you to set a listing to "Inactive", which will hide it from your public and backend calendars.

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