Sell Priced Items and Keep Inventory of Add-ons/Products

Priced Items are add-on products (like an apron) that can be sold online during event registration. Occasion allows you to keep track of your inventory of these items by setting the maximum number of priced items you'd like to be able to sell for each class.

Add Priced Item

To add a new Priced Item go into the listing editor for the listing you'd like to add this to, and click on "Add Question" from the bottom right. From the list of question types select "Priced Items".

On the next screen enter the name of the Priced Item, the price, and the maximum quantity you have available (this is the total maximum you would have available for all time slots of that listing). 

You can optionally also choose to have this pricing question be exempt from taxes by selecting that checkbox.

Charging for Add-ons just once when multiple dates are purchased together (only available on the Drop-in listing type)

The default behavior for most types of pricing questions in the drop-ins listings is to multiply the price by the number of time slots selected for that order.

The Priced Items pricing question however allows the ability to only apply the charge once per order (not for each time slot purchased on the order)

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