Take Deposits and Keep Track of (and Collect) Balances

Occasion gives you the ability to book and manage large-tickets events more easily - you can charge just a deposit at a time of booking (fixed amount or a percentage of total), and keep track of the remaining balance.

Take deposit

  1. From your listing editor click on the "Additional Pricing" tab. 
  2. Scroll down to the Deposits section and set the type of deposit you'd like to collect: "Percentage" or "Fixed Deposit".
    1. Selecting the "Percentage" option will only charge your customers a percentage of the total at the time of booking.
    2. Selecting the "Fixed Deposit" option will charge your customers that fixed fee at the time of booking regardless of what the total for the party is.

  3. Enter the deposit, as a percentage or fixed fee, based on the previous selection. Once you've set your deposit settings, your customer will be able to clearly see the total price and the amount due on their checkout page.

Old Checkout

New Checkout

Track and edit remaining balance

Occasion will help your track balance and edit the customer's invoice (booking). 

  • From the Orders page you'll see the "Balance Due" column which indicates the amount that is still owed on the order. 
  • If you choose to "Edit Order" you'll be able to edit the remaining balance.

Collect remaining balance

Collect the remaining balance by going to the "Orders" page and pulling up the order associated with this party booking.

Note: If you cancel an order, the balance due will zero out. Consider this when handling orders with a remaining balance.

Common Questions

  1. Why do my customers see a message saying their credit card information will be saved? 
    1. We need to retain a customer's credit card information so you can charge the balance on the same card (if you'd like). This information is securely stored in your Square account, but not Stripe.
  2. Why don't I see a saved credit card when I try to collect balance due?
    1. Stripe does not save credit cards, so you must call the customer to collect the credit card information to collect balance due. However, Square does save credit card information.
    2. If you're using Google or Apple Pay (coming soon), you must contact the customer again for their credit card information. These payment methods don't save credit card information.

  3. Why do I not see some pricing options when I am editing the order? - When editing an order, only pricing options available to the customer at the time of the original order are editable. New options added to the listing are not editable if those options were not available to the customer when they first booked. The best option available, in this case, is to cancel and issue customers an account credit so they can re-book with new options available.
  4. How do I remove deposit tracking from my events? To remove the ability to track and collect deposits on events, go to the "Additional Pricing" tab under the Listing editor. Click on the "Percentage Deposit" or "Fixed Deposit" and select "No Deposit" under the "Deposits" section.

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