Reconciliation Report

One of the pre-formatted reports available in your account is the Reconciliation Report.


  1. Login to your Occasion workspace.
  2. Click on "Reports" from the sidebar menu.
  3. Click on "Reconciliation" under Accounting.

Understand the data

The report shows you a list of all transactions completed on credit card and cash payment methods between a specific date range (midnight to midnight). It also has a summary of your total payments and refunds and net reconciliation amount by payment method at the bottom.

This report will help you reconcile your bank deposits with Occasion sales.

Let's understand this using three transactions as an example.

  1. On April 1, $100 was booked for an event happening on May 1
  2. On April 1, $50 was sold as a gift certificate
  3. On April 1, $200 was booked for a session happening every week starting May 1 and ending June 15

When you run this report for the month of

  • April - you will see $350 as revenue
  • May - you will see $0 as revenue
  • June - you will see $0 as revenue

Export or print

You can easily export your report by clicking the "Export Sales Report" button on the right.

You can export the calendar to an Excel, CSV, or PDF format. You can also print it by selecting the Print option.

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