Giving Donations to Third Parties

Occasion gives you the ability to issue or give donations to third parties without recording these as business revenues.

  • Say, you want to give $100 gift voucher to a local charity for their executive team to attend an event at your business - Occasion can help you with that.

Here's how to do it: (in this example, we are going to assume that no payment is being exchanged and this is a simple donation from your business to an organization).

Using Coupon Code

  1. Create a coupon code for one-time use for a 100% discount
  2. Make sure this code applies to all relevant events.

Using Gift Cards

  1. Create a coupon code for one-time use with 100% discount value but make it redeemable only on your Gift Card listing.
  2. Now, go to Quick Order and search for your Gift Card listing.
  3. Enter the information on the recipient on the right.
  4. When you scroll down to the payment section, enter the coupon code in the Discount code field
  5. If applicable, select Cash as the payment type, even though there is no payment being collected.
  6. Click the button to issue the gift card to your donation recipient.

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