Using Fee Markup Feature

Occasion's fee markup feature enables sellers to markup their order totals by a fixed percentage. This percentage can be adjusted between 0 to 100 per listing.

Ways to use Fee Markup feature:

  • To collect credit card processing fee
  • To collect mandatory tips or gratuity
  • To collect service fees
  • To collect surcharges related to Covid19 expenses

How to enable Fee Markup feature for your account?

  • From your Occasion account, go to Settings > Features and Integration Wizard.
  • Look for section called "Increase revenue by marking up fees"
  • Enable the feature by clicking the "on/off" switch
  • Scroll down and click "Next" to save the settings.
  • Now, go to your Listings page and click on "Edit Listing"
  • Go to the "Additional Pricing" tab, and you can change the label under "Service fee" and set a percentage you wish to collect.

How does the feature work?

Once enabled, let's say you set the mark-up fee to 5% - your customers will see additional fees at the time of booking as shown in the table below. Please remember, the money collected using this feature is directly going to the seller.

Percentage Order Total Deposit Service Fees
5% $100 $0 $5
5% $100 10% $5
5% $100 $10 $5

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