Redeeming Square Gift Cards

If you sell gift cards (plastic or virtual) through Square, Occasion gives your customers the ability to seamlessly redeem them on checkout through Occasion.

This offers several benefits:

  1. Seamless customer experience
  2. More gift card sales
  3. Less operational headaches from tracking redemption manually

Pricing Change effective 2025

This feature is currently available in beta for all Occasion Partners to use in 2024. Upon completion of full development, this feature will be officially fully available at the beginning of 2025 for $10 per month (or the equivalent amount in your local currency) as an add-on.

In this article, you will cover the following topics:

Redeeming Square Gift Cards through Occasion:

The integration works seamlessly for the customer.

  1. Customer buys a gift card, which is sold through Square.
  2. Square will issue a 16 digit code to the customer
    1. When it is a digital gift card, the code is sent to the recipient via email.
    2. When it is a plastic gift card, the code is on the back of the plastic card.
  3. If the Customer wants to redeem the gift card on your Occasion experiences, during checkout they simply enter the 16 digit code in the "Gift Card" field.
  4. Occasion will check with Square if the balance on the Gift Card covers the Order Total, if it does not the Customer will be allowed to split their payments between Square Gift Card and a credit card.

Activating Square Gift Cards as a payment method:

To get started, simply start a chat with one of our team members. To start a chat,

  • Login to your Occasion Workspace
  • Click the "Get Help" button in the left navigation
  • Then, select "Open Live Chat" and let the team member know you want to enable Square Gift Cards.

Common Questions:

  1. Is there an addition fee for activating this feature?
    1. Yes, this feature is considered an add-on. In 2024, this feature will be available for free. In 2025, this will become an add-on available for purchase for $10 per month (or an equivalent amount in your local currency).
  2. How does refunding work when a Square Gift Card is redeemed through Occasion?
    1. Once a Square Gift Card is redeemed through Occasion, it cannot be reloaded. To refund the customer, you can issue account credits to them.

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