Add an Event's Direct Registration Link to Your Website

Each Listing on Occasion has a unique URL. That is the direct registration link for this event that you can share with your customers if you'd like to point them directly to a specific event.
Adding an event's direct registration link to your website is particularly useful for events that you do not show on your public calendar, like your "Book a Private Party" listing.

Obtain the direct registration link

To obtain the direct event registration link for a listing go into the listing editor and click on the "Preview" button on the top right. This will open the registration page in a new browser tab. You can then copy the URL for that page from your browser window - that is your direct event registration link.

Add the event link to your website

To add the event link to your website, you can just copy the URL from the step above and create a link or a button on your website which takes your customers to that URL.

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