Track revenue from bulk Coupons

If you entered an amount in the "Revenue from Voucher" field when you created your bulk Coupons, you can track your revenue from a specific Coupon/voucher.

In this article, you will learn:

Basic Definitions with examples

First, here are some definitions:

  • Cash Value: This is what the customer pays to buy a daily deal voucher.
  • Discount Value: This is what the voucher is worth at the time of redemption.
  • Revenue Collected: This is what the business makes in revenue when a voucher is redeemed.

Example: If a customer buys a Groupon voucher worth $50 for $25, and on every voucher the business makes $15, below will be the breakdown.

  • Cash Value: $25
  • Discount Value: $50
  • Revenue Collected: $15

How to track revenue

To view your revenue reports:

  1. Login to your Occasion workspace.
  2. Click on “Orders” from the sidebar menu, or click on "Order list" from the toolbar on your dashboard workspace page.
  3. To view the revenue column in the report, click on "Columns" on the top-right corner and select "Price + Voucher". This column will show you the revenue you collected on the order; any cash/ credit card payment + revenue from a voucher.

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