Create and manage an Announcement

An "Announcement" is an un-bookable entry on your calendar that notifies your customers what is occurring at the selected time.

A couple of examples that are most commonly used:

  1. "Happy Thanksgiving"
  2. "Closed for Christmas"
  3. "Open All Day"
  4. "Walk-Ins 9:00am-5:00pm"

How to Create an Announcement

  1. Go to Listings on the floating sidebar menu.
  2. Switch to the "Templates" tab.
  3. Search for "Announcement". Click "Create Listing".
  4. Under the "Basic" tab on the left - enter a Title and Description for this Announcement. For example, "Happy Thanksgiving" and or "We are closed for Thanksgiving"
  5. Go to the "Images" tab and upload an image that best highlights this announcement on your calendar to your customers. A good suggestion is to add an image that may have these words included to make it even more clear what this is.
  6. Go to the "Timeslot" tab and create a schedule or an announcement date
  7. You can skip the rest of the tabs if you'd like. A description is always good to include in case you want to direct your customer anywhere else, with any links or explanations of who to contact.
  8. Click on "Preview" in the top right corner to view the booking page and test how your customers will see this announcement.

To Make Changes to an Already-Created Announcement

  1. Go to the Calendars page and click on the timeslot with the announcement
    1. To edit the title of the announcement click on Edit listing at the bottom of the pop up and make the change.
    2. To edit the time slot, click on Edit time slot and make your change.
    3. To delete the announcement click on Delete time slot and it will be taken off your calendar.

      Note: If you try to find the Announcement in the Listings page you will have to click on "Show Inactive Listings", as announcements are inactive listings by design.

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