Create and Customize Your Occasion Views / Public Calendars (Video)

In this video you'll learn how to create a new public view from the Marketing > Views page.

Creating a new View (a new Public Calendar) for your listings is fast and easy.

  1. From the top navigation go to Marketing > Views
  2. To create a new view, click the green "Create New View" button in the top-right corner.
  3. Under the "Overview" tab, add a "Name" for your View and select the "View Template" that you wish to use: 
    1. [OLD] Stacks View: Show a list of your listings, with large image on the left, and the description and call to action button on the right. Can customize with CSS.
    2. [OLD] Calendar View: The original calendar view. Consider using the Agenda Calendar template instead. Can customize with CSS.
    3. [OLD] Agenda View: The original agenda view. Displays all upcoming events, on the same page, not just Can customize with CSS.
    4. Agenda Calendar: An updated view that combines and enhances the [OLD] Calendar View and [OLD] Agenda View

  4. Under the "Display Options" tab you can change the colors and fonts for your view. This is also where you can add custom CSS for the view templates that support it.
  5. Under the "Filter Options" tab you can add keywords you saved in the description or in the title of the listings, to only show those listings in your new View.
    1. Keyword in the listing Title: To show only listings with a specific keyword in the listing title, type the keyword here.
    2. Keyword in the listing Description: To show only listings with a specific keyword in the listing description, type the keyword here.
    3. Venue: To show only listing in a specific venue select it from the list.
    4. Private events: Select the "Hide private events" checkbox to hide events you've indicated as private from this view.

  6. When ready, click the "Create View" button at the bottom of the page.

After you create your new View, it will show on the Views page. Here you can copy the "Share URL" and "Embed Code" for your View.