Filtering Options and Settings on Website Calendars / Website Setup

Website Calendars from Occasion include a number of ways to filter and search for events. It also gives you more control over your Calendars. In this article, you will cover all the different filters and controls available to the Merchants and your customers.

(For Customers) Filtering options available when view the Website Calendars / Website Setup

  • Category Filter
  • Location Filter - only if the merchant has more than 1 venue.
  • Search

(For Merchants) Filtering options and controls available when editing or creating Website Calendars / Website Setup

  • Call-to-action button customizations for types of event statuses (open, closed, sold out, announcement)
  • Location - only if the merchant has more than 1 venue.
  • Search
  • Sold Outs (show/hide)
  • Private Events (show/hide)
  • Closed Events (show/hide)
  • Infinite Scroll

For Customers: Filtering options

Every Website Calendar has three different ways for customers to easily and quickly find events on your calendar.

Customers can filter by:

  • Category: Categories with active events will appears in a dropdown on the Website Calendar / Website Setup. Customers can easily jump to a category of Events. Learn more about how to tag your Events in to categories.
  • Location: Location filter will appear to your customers automatically when you manage your business across multiple locations. Whether you are a Franchisor or a floating instructor, Occasion gives you a way to organize your multi-location business. (Location filter only shows if the merchant has more than 1 location.)
  • Search: Customers can search your Website Setup by keywords. Keyword search looks for results in the event title and in the event description.

For Merchants: Filtering options and controls

Occasion gives default filtering options and controls for merchants to use when creating or editing Website Setup.

To filter and use settings:

  1. From your Occasion workspace, go to "Settings" (sidebar menu) and click on "Website Calendar"
  2. Click "🖊️edit" on the calendar view integrated to your website.
  3. You will see the control in the left panel, when editing or creating a view.

Here are filtering and controls available for you to take advantage of:

  • Call-to-action button customizations: For types of event statuses (open, closed, sold out, announcement), you can customize the wording as well as the colors of these words, to direct customers to click on the event.
  • Location: Set a default location filter on your Website Setup. When a customer is viewing your Calendar on your website, events at this location will show by default. Your customer will still see the location filter and can change to a different location. (Location filter only shows when the merchant has more than 1 location.)
  • Search: Set a default keyword search on your Website Setup. Similar to the Location filter's behavior, when the customer is viewing your Calendar, events with this keyword will show by default. Your customer can still delete this keyword to view the full calendar.
  • Sold Outs (show/hide): Choose to show or hide sold out events happening in the future on your Website Setup. By default, the setting toggled "Off", which will show sold out events on your Calendar. You can simply toggle this setting to "On" to hide sold out events.
  • Private Events (show/hide): Choose to show or hide "Private Events" from your Website Setup. Please note, events have to be marked as "Private" for this filter to work. Here's how to mark events as Private.
  • Closed Events (show/hide): Choose to show or hide events where registration has ended on your Website Setup. To hide events that are no longer available for the customer to book, toggle this setting to "on" and save your changes.
  • Infinite Scroll: Infinite Scroll will remove "next month" and "previous month" navigation from the Website Setup. It will show the user a steady stream of events as they scroll. This is mimics the behavior most consumers experience on majority of social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
    • NOTE: Infinite Scroll does not work on the Julian Website Setup Layout. Julian is a monthly calendar and cannot allow Infinite Scroll.

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