Create a Listing/Event From a Template (Video)

In this article, you'll learn how to create a listing from a template, as well as how to create a template based on a listing you've created as the merchant. This is the process you will use to add your events after you have customized your templates.

Note: Templates do not act as a master listing. Making a change to a template will not affect all listings created from that template if they're already made.

Create a Listing from a Template

  1. Go to Listings.
  2. Select the "My Template" tab.
  3. If you have templates on this tab, you can edit the template and then select "Create Listing".
  4. Once you've done this, the new listing will show up under "Listings", where you can change the title of the event, add images, and add any other custom questions and pricing.
    1. Learn about the Listing Editor (Video)

    Note: If you don't have templates added to this tab, you can reach out to for assistance.

  5. Create a Template based on a Listing You've Already Created

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