Public Events Intelligence

One of the pre-formatted reports available in your account is the Public Events Intelligence Report.

The purpose of this report is to give you insights and intelligence into how your active Public Events are performing and help you make informed and smart marketing decisions on where to spend your time and effort to drive more customers.


  1. Login to your Occasion workspace
  2. Click on "Reports" from the sidebar menu.
  3. Click on "Events Intelligence" under Sales and Marketing

Understand the data

This is an event based report for events that are marked as " Public". You can filter events for a date range. For example, to view events for the month of May - filter May 1 through May 31.

  • Starts At: This is the event date/time
  • Event: This is the event name, which you can click and view more details.
  • Occupancy: This is the percentage of seats booked over total number of original seats made available, before capping them.
  • Booked: This is the number of seats booked.
  • Capped: This is the number of seats lost due to capping. For example, if the original seat count was 20 and then, reduced to 8 - the "Capped" number is 12.
  • Discounted: This is the number of seats discounted.
  • Traffic: This is the total page views count to your booking pages visited by your customers. For events with multiple times, pageviews are counted only until the first event date/time.
  • Conversion: This is the number of bookings divided by total traffic. Note: Conversions are higher for simpler and shorted booking pages than more complex and long.
  • Net Payments: This is the amount of net revenue generated (deducted for taxes, tips and fees) for the event. For multi-dates events, net revenue is evenly split amongst event dates.
  • Average Attendee Price: This is the price per person obtained by dividing sum of Net Payments and Discount Given over count of Seats booked.
  • Discount Given: This is the total amount of discounts that were given using coupons.
  • Capping Loss: This is the amount of money lost due to capping - which is capped seats (from above) multiplied by average revenue per seats generated (not shown).
  • Cancelled Sales: This is the total of money revenue that was lost due to customer cancellations. Note: Cancellations and Refunds are not the same.
  • Revenue Opportunity: This is the amount of money that could be made if all open seats are sold at the estimated average revenue per seat (not shown).

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